Do you carry a legacy of experience with you?

Changing jobs, joining a new organization for the sake of incremental career break, or salary potential is quite ordinary. The larger question, rather is - What if you can join a world-class team with a purpose and vision of holistic employee experience, champion team culture, where everyone is highly driven to make a meaningful impact in the US home-based care?

An organization where you can grow at your highest potential, be part of autonomous pods, impact revenue cycle outcomes than just being master at transactional productivity and possess the ability to iterate and innovate your job and methods. Here you go!

If you are a candidate who is looking for a Job change with high aspirations and meaningful work, then PROCHANT is where your search ends.

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Generic Role-based Job Opening

Accounts Receivable, AR

Accountable for US insurance collections and ongoing improvement of payment effectiveness. You will be working largely in the US daytime (India night shift). Day-to-day work will involve performing deep, holistic analyses of unpaid Medicare, Medicaid, captive, specialty, and other third-party payer claims for HME, Infusion, and other home-based care products. This may include denial and documentation review, framing up a resolution, reaching out to insurance companies via voice or non-voice methods, re-submissions, appeals, and updating procedural documentation and software. It doesn't stop there - As you master your current role, you will concurrently work on your well-supported development plan to augment your career to a specialist, analyst, or coach level.

Generic Role-based Job Opening

Front-End Billing (FEB)

Accountable for US insurance billing, and ongoing improvement of billing effectiveness as measured by clean claims or first shot payment. Ongoing commitment requires a thorough understanding and review of front-end billing across all payers and products combination at the highest precision. Responsible for proactively identifying preventative denials and updating the sales journal. It could also include a criteria review to confirm sales orders. Hold on, it doesn't stop there - As you master your current role, you will concurrently work on your well-supported development plan to augment your career to a specialist, analyst, or coach level.

Generic Role-based Job Opening

Intake Specialist

Accountable for US insurance order intake, eligibility verification, wrangling, and prior authorization. An extremely vital and time-sensitive role for bringing clean and qualified orders into the door and supporting the highest patient experience. This role drives the holistic effectiveness of the entire revenue cycle stream and is singularly most impactful on revenue cycle yield, cost, and velocity. You will be working in US daytime (India Night shift). In addition, the role involves streamlining orders that can potentially be held for billing by working on expiring, expired, or critical accounts, and obtaining necessary verification, authorization, or documentation needed for extension. Oh yes, it doesn't stop there, you will be supported to augment your career towards analyst, lead, or manager as per your aspirations.

Generic Role-based Job Opening

Python Automation Developer

Accountable for Analysing coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects, typically on the server-side (or back -end). Design and integrate user-facing elements into applications. Thereby helping the organization with their technological framework. Coordinate with other business teams to understand user requirements and provide technical solutions. Develop scalable back-end components to improve application performance. Opportunity to learn and implement different technologies that best suits business needs.

Generic Role-based Job Opening

Interactive Product Designer

Accountable to create a design strategy, identify key interactions of the product, create prototypes to test concepts and stay current on technology and trends that will impact users. Opportunity to work with innovative engineers, product managers, internal and client users to craft the best possible design. Build and maintain design assets, design playbook, visually and verbally. Build user journey maps and information flow rules for web applications. Responsible for providing constructive design commentary and evaluative critique to existing products based on user behaviour. Deliver clear, thorough design specifications to define end users' experience.

Generic Role-based Job Opening

Full Stack Architect/ Engineer

Accountable to develop full stack modules, deliver code that is responsive, fast, simple, platform agnostic (browser, OS, etc) and integrated with other third-party ERP/Host/Data applications. Ensure that deliverables are highly optimized for performance and usability across browsers and devices. Opportunity to lead and mentor team in development of .Net-based framework and controls. Drive innovation and excellent customer experience. Introduce changes and trends in technology that improve existing solutions or product strategy. Recommend new technology, build proofs-of-concept, and present to leadership, promote and recommend best engineering design and architecture practices for web and mobile application interface, driving ease-of-use and customer satisfaction. work as part of an agile development team.

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